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Due to the ongoing pandemic, we are currently accepting new clients for teletherapy services and will resume in-person office sessions in November 2021


Annie Phillips

LMSW, PMH-C, Licensed Therapist

My belief is that anyone can benefit from the powerful tool of therapy, especially during these exceedingly difficult times. We need to ensure we are utilizing the proper tools to help cope with these unprecedented circumstances and transitions in life.  I am a licensed clinical therapist and have spent my career in local hospitals, where I worked with chronically ill adult, adolescent and pediatric populations, utilizing several therapeutic modalities.

    Bio & Qualifications

    I have devoted my career to individual people as well as my community. Most recently, developing a swim program in Detroit for chronically ill children. These experiences have helped me develop strong therapeutic relationships and techniques with adolescents, teenagers, young adults, and parents.

    Our practice specializes in counseling services for teens and adolescents as well as new, hopeful, and experienced parents in Southeast Michigan. I understand that these are unprecedented times, and many family systems are struggling with their “new normal.” I will draw from a range of evidence-based approaches including cognitive behavioral therapy, motivation interviewing and solution-focused therapy to achieve your therapeutic goals.

    As a therapist certified in perinatal mental health, I can better understand and assist families who are struggling with fertility issues, difficult pregnancies, perinatal mood disorders and postpartum struggles.  Most importantly, I will provide an individualized  and holistic approach to each client and will make sure your voice is heard. My hope is that you will leave every session feeling satisfied, empowered and better equipped to take on life’s unexpected obstacles.

    My educational qualifications are as follows:

    • Master of Social Work, University of Michigan (Interpersonal relationships & Health focus) 2014
    • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, DePaul University, Chicago, IL 2011

    My professional licensure, certifications and specialized trainings include:

    • Master of Social Work (Full Clinical License)- State of Michigan – 6801097621
    • Certified in Perinatal Mental Health- Postpartum Support International
    • Certified School Social Worker State of Michigan- Michigan State University
    • Certified in Mental Health First Aid- Mental health First International

    Priya Rednam-Waldo

    LMSW, PMH-C, MPH, CA, Licensed Therapist

    I believe in the healing power of human connection provided in therapy. As a licensed clinical therapist, I offer a safe and compassionate space that invites such connection through encouraging open expression of my clients’ thoughts and feelings, free from judgment. I truly have enjoyed my 15+ years of experience working with children, adolescents and parents in nonprofit, hospital and military settings who seek to find comfort in the present and regain hope for the future.

      Bio & Qualifications

      With a career devoted to promoting wellness within diverse communities and environments, I am especially equipped to provide holistic, individualized care for clients in the most challenging times in their lives.  In particular, I’ve worked in schools providing education and services related to bullying, family conflict and relationship issues.  Additionally, I’ve worked closely with families navigating the adoption and foster care systems and provided direct services and education to children and adult crisis survivors. Most recently, I served children, adolescents and their parents impacted by chronic illness, fertility, infant prematurity and postpartum issues. In doing so, I have also created a strong network of community resources and the ability to honor privacy while connecting with school and medical systems at a client’s direction.

      All of these formative professional experiences along with certification in perinatal mental health and trauma-informed advocacy have allowed me to develop a robust group of therapeutic techniques that can be matched to the unique needs of each client. I use a range of evidence-based approaches including cognitive behavioral, family systems and solution-focused therapies within personalized treatment plans.

      Our practice specializes in counseling services for teens and adolescents as well as new, hopeful and experienced parents in Southeast Michigan. Working within our healing relationship, I will ensure you feel heard, validated and empowered to create a hopeful future. Together, we can build upon strengths to address current overwhelming stress, worry or sadness, achieve goals and build a toolkit for healthy coping for life’s inevitable future transitions.

      My educational qualifications are as follows:

      • Master of Social Work (Children and Family Focus) – Wayne State University, Detroit, MI 2016
      • Master of Public Health – Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD 2011
      • Bachelor of Science – United States Military Academy, West Point, NY 2006

      My professional licensure, certifications and specialized trainings include:

      • Master of Social Work (Full Clinical License)- State of Michigan – 6801104039
      • Certified in Perinatal Mental Health – Postpartum Support International
      • Certified Advocate- National Organization for Victim Advocacy
      • Service Support for LGBTQ+ Community Members – NY Anti-Violence Project

      Our Specialties

      Pregnancy, Postpartum and Parenting

      Parenting, pregnancy, childbirth and fertility issues bring dramatic change into your life and significantly impact your emotional well-being. It may not just be the challenge of fertility treatments, or “morning sickness,” or “baby blues” that bring feelings of isolation or anxiety. Even with healthy pregnancies that result in healthy babies, many women, men and families struggle silently, dismissing feelings of sadness, anger or mental exhaustion. Fertility, pregnancy and postpartum-related issues are very effectively addressed through therapy though and can provide the emotional support you deserve. With proper therapeutic support, you can find validation and develop healthy coping mechanism without fear of judgment.

      Some of the most common fertility, pregnancy and postpartum concerns are:

      • Excessive Sadness and Difficulty Regulating Your Emotions
      • Anger over a Loss of Control over your Body or Life
      • Feeling a Disconnection from Loved Ones and/or your Baby
      • Racing and Anxious Thoughts
      • Having Difficulty Coping with your “New Normal”
      • Feeling Pressure to “Be Perfect”
      • Guilt or Shame about Feelings of Inadequacy
      • Missing your Independence or “Old Life”
      • Difficulty Concentrating
      • Disturbing Thoughts that Feel Out of Control

      Disclaimer: If you feel that any of the above symptoms are too overwhelming and you worry that you could harm to yourself, your baby or another person, please do not delay treatment and seek out the nearest hospital emergency room immediately.


      All people experience worry and some anxious feelings can be a very normal part of life. However, your overwhelming anxiety can become problematic and significantly impact your ability to enjoy life or even function day-to-day. When your anxiety feels out of control and you find panic, stress and worry to be continuous, therapy can provide useful tools to manage symptoms, reframe thoughts and ultimately regain control over your life. In fact, anxiety symptoms are some of the most common reasons why people seek out therapy services. School pressures, family or friend relationships, parenting demands or work stresses can all be effectively managed with professional support.

      Some indications that your anxiety would benefit from therapeutic intervention are:

      • Trouble Managing Everyday Activities
      • Inability to Focus, Racing Thoughts
      • Feeling Restless and Tense
      • Difficulty Sleeping and Insomnia
      • Digestive Symptoms or Changes in Appetite
      • Increased Heart Rate and Breathing
      • Avoiding Situations that may Trigger your Anxiety
      • Panic Attacks

      Stress Management

      Stress is an inevitable part of life and can even be beneficial to survival, but when you consistently experience uncontrollable, high levels of stress throughout the day, it can take a devastating toll both physically and mentally. The strong body and mind responses from stress can cause us to develop coping mechanisms that are not actually helpful and lead us into a vicious spiral downward. It is possible to find hope again for your future. Working within a trusting and pressure-free therapeutic relationship, you can identify the stressors that seem to dominate your day-to-day, develop new skills and healthy coping techniques and regain a sense of control and contentment in your life.

      You may be experiencing one or many of these most common physical, emotional, mental symptoms of stress due to either expected or unexpected life transitions:

      • Stomach Aches, Fatigue, Insomnia, Headaches
      • Irritability, Anger
      • Sadness and Tearfulness, Apathy
      • Anxiety, Depression
      • Eating or Food-related Issues
      • Substance Use or Abuse

      Sources of stress often addressed in therapy include:

      • Primary Caregiver or Parent Responsibilities
      • Difficulty Maintaining Balance
      • Academic or Work Pressures
      • Emotional or Mental Burden for Parents
      • Feeling Helpless with a Struggling Child or Partner

      Child and Adolescent Health

      Becoming a teenager and young adult can be the most influential time in your life. Between the ages of 14-25 in particular, you are finding your way in the world with pressure to meet expectations, maintain social groups and handle newfound independence and responsibilities. All the while, you also are dealing with sometimes overwhelming feelings, new developmental changes and navigating relationships with parents, friends and romantic partners. Even with social and family support, the life transitions can be difficult and therapy can be instrumental in providing a non-judgmental, inclusive environment to work through stressful issues and build a toolkit for the future.

      Some of the most common teen and adolescent issues that have been successfully addressed through therapy are:

      • School or other Academic Concerns – to include Alternate Learning Challenges
      • Anxiety and Stress
      • Parental Expectations and Conflict
      • Separation or Divorce
      • Bullying
      • Friend Group Pressure or Conflict
      • Depression
      • Sibling Conflict
      • Sexuality and First Sexual Experiences
      • Identity Issues


      Depression is one of the most common reasons that people seek therapy. It is more than feeling down or having a bad day. Depression most often is an overwhelming feeling of sadness or emptiness that persists despite your best efforts. And while depression is a personal experience, you may find its impact to be far reaching to family and friends, in home and work environments. With proper therapeutic interventions, many people report relief from their depression. Depression tends to look different depending on your individual circumstances, but the more common symptoms are:

      • Feeling Irritable
      • Difficulty Concentrating
      • Issues related to Sleep/Diet
      • Feeling Hopeless
      • Loss of Interest in Previously Enjoyable Activities.

      Disclaimer: If you feel that your depression is overwhelming and you are experiencing thoughts to harm yourself or another person, please do not delay treatment and seek out the nearest hospital emergency room.

      Relationship Issues

      Your romantic relationships can be a source of great joy and stability whether you are in the early stages or have been committed to one another for many years. When your important connections experience stress though, the sadness and anxiety that follow can rock your foundation. Both expected and unexpected life transitions can significantly upset the balance within your relationship and can leave you feeling lost and hopeless about how to regain it. The safe, non-judgmental space of therapy can be beneficial for both individuals and couples to work through these stressors and foster healing, healthy communication and tools for a deeper connection moving forward.

      Some of the most common relationships issues that have been successfully addressed through therapy are:

      • New Martial Commitments
      • Infertility and Pregnancy
      • Parenthood Challenges, for New and Experienced Parents
      • The Mental and Emotional Burden of Juggling Household Responsibilities
      • Changing Behaviors or Values
      • Substance Use or Abuse
      • Changes to Employment
      • Significant Health Concerns
      • Changing Roles within the Family
      • Rebuilding after Infidelity
      • Navigating Separation or Divorce

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