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Healing and Helping Parents with Annie Phillips and Healing Home Counseling Group

Through her own journey with motherhood, Annie Phillips experienced the joys and gifts of the experience that are so often portrayed in media and larger society. But, she also endured the hardships, mental health issues and identity questions that are very common—but far less acknowledged—for many parents…READ MORE

Parenthood, Postpartum Support, Mental Health with the Healing Home Counseling Group

Parenthood is a unique and amazing adventure, unmatched by any other life transition. Whether you’re a first-time parent or adding to your family, it’s filled with heartwarming moments. And, it’s also filled with an emotional rollercoaster ride of challenges, especially postpartum. Healing Home Counseling Group understands that ride and the whole carnival of parenting.READ MORE

Voyage Michigan Hidden Gem – Priya Rednam-Waldo LMSW

My professional story starts somewhere very unexpected for a perinatal therapist and private mental health practice leader. But, through a diverse mix of joyful and challenging experiences, formative traumas, and profound healing, I’m confident that I’m right where I was meant to be with Healing Home Counseling Group…READ MORE

Surviving Summer as a Working Parent with Healing Home Counseling Group

Summer is supposed to be a time of fun, relaxation, and sunshine. But for many working moms, it can also be a time of stress, guilt, and chaos. How do you juggle your professional responsibilities with your kids’ needs and wants?READ MORE

Podcast – Oh Six Answers

Priya Rednam-Waldo reveals her ambition for attending West Point after growing up in the Midwest. She recalls memories from the Lady Lax days, which helped her embrace being open to opportunities throughout life. Priya’s career journey led her to become co-founder and COO of the Healing Home Counseling Group, a perinatal therapy practice based in Michigan. …READ MORE

Eastern Michigan School of Social Work – Supervisor Spotlight

“Priya and everyone here at Healing Home makes me feel like I have value in the things I contribute and like I am one of the team instead of just an intern. She meets me where I am and then expands my knowledge on important aspects of the job. Priya is an inspiration and I feel privileged that I get to learn from her and the amazing people at this practice.” -Chelsea Czegledi READ MORE

Birmingham-Bloomfield Moms

Meet the two incredible moms of The Healing Home Counseling Group, Annie Phillips LMSW, PMH-C, EMDR & Priya Rednam-Waldo LMSW, PMH-C, MPH, EMDR. The Healing Home Counseling Group is  a boutique practice…READ MORE

Podcast – Postpartum Mental Health: When to have a plan

Kacee returns to podcasting from maternity leave with special guest and Licensed Therapist, Annie Phillips, LMSW, PMH-C.  Kacee and Annie discuss the importance of women’s mental health especially during the pregnancy, birth and post-partum experience…LISTEN

Click on Detroit – WDIV

Free swim class at Detroit YMCA helps children with bleeding disorders…READ MORE

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