You Can Be Happy & Healthy Postpartum

Take Control of your Postpartum Journey with this Self-Paced Course.

Welcome Home, Annie & Priya

You are not alone. We’re here to support you, a cherished parent in our nuturing community.


Your postpartum journey is unlike any other in life and so let’s plan for the unmatched care you are worthy of receiving.

Our online course is a personal, engaging, & practical program based on our expertise and experience as certified perinatal mental health therapists.

Your perfect gift for a first-time mom, or your perfect tool for a mom that’s done this before!


What’s included in your experience?

15 Expert-Guided Videos

Learn about a wide range of topics directly from us, such as physical recovery, mental health, nutrition, sleep, intimacy and more.

Introductory Postpartum Masterclass

Get insights and tips on how to cope and thrive during the postpartum period as you start to plan.

Postpartum Planning Journal

Develop your individualized plan with carefully-crafted prompts designed to help you integrate and apply the concepts taught in the videos.

Collaborative Couples’ Workbook

Work together with your partner to strengthen your relationship and communication skills. You are deserving of equitable parenting based upon strengths and love.

Personal Plan Template

Be confident and at peace with a  guided template for to create your personal postpartum plan. Includes our own example plans- the plans we wish we had.

Your Postpartum Plan will transform an stressful time into a beautiful, supported experience.

When parents are well, baby and family can go from surviving to thriving.

Our online course is a safe space. It’s an opportunity to clear the noise and dive into planning for the most important season of your life – a time that is all yours. Let us help you create a plan that will allow you to be the happiest, healthiest version of yourself – for you and your growing family.

We will prepare you for this life-changing season of life. Start your journey today.


What others are saying…

“It was really important to hear about the changes for parents postpartum, physically and mentally. It’s not talked about a lot and when it is, it’s not often a full picture or how to feel supported. Having a plan and shared language with my partner was a huge help going into postpartum.”

“After really challenging postpartum depression with my first child, I was determined to approach pregnancy, birth and postpartum differently. Healing Home’s Postpartum Planning changed EVERYTHING. I was confident bringing home our twins and that this time would be different and it really was. The joy far outweighed the challenges when I planned for support and practiced self-love.”  

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This transformational work needs to be shared and it is our honor to be the ones to do it. You can be healthy and happy postpartum. We believe in reaching as many families across the world as we possibly can with that message.